Saturday, November 21


This week we had our ultrasound. It was so great to finally get to see our baby. It was wiggling and kicking. We were really glad to see that all the body parts were developing as they should be. We got to find out that our little it is a she. Yay. I was wanting a girl so much and I am so glad that I got one. I would have loved my boy too, but I just knew that she was a girl. I'm glad that now everyone else can know that she is a girl though. We still don't have a name picked out, but we are thinking about Lily or Minna. We went out and bought her some cutsie little girl clothes and I will put up some pictures of those next time. I am so glad that I actually get my girly. In some of the pictures you can see her big nose. Looks like she might take after her dad. Although she has really big feet too and that is a mom thing. Now if only the next 19 weeks would go by a little faster so she could just get here. I can't wait to hold my daughter.

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