Tuesday, December 1

Our Celebration

So I am finally getting a chance to write about how we celebrated finding out that we were having a girl.

We went out and bought our first baby clothes.

We had been given tons already, and I was hoping she was a girl so that we could actually use them, but we decided not to buy any until we found out the gender of our baby. So after our ultrasound we headed out to buy her an outfit. We had a budget of $20. Our thoughts were that $20 would be just the right amount to buy her something really cute. So we went to target. I was a little disappointed with their selection of newborn and infant clothes. I thought they would have more, but we did end up finding some really cute clothes. We narrowed it down to two outfits and couldn't really decide, but luckily they both fit in to our $20 price range, so we just bought them both.

One is a green striped sleeper and it is so freaking cute. It says Mommy and Daddy heart Me on it and I love it.
The other outfit has a pink striped long sleeve onesie with a bear on it that says I love hugs, a maroon pair of stretch pants with hearts and a fuzzy sleeveless dress with one big and one little heart on it. The second outfit is my favorite and I am hoping she will wear it for her hospital pictures or to go home. We might find something cuter before she gets here though. You never know.

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