Saturday, November 6

Day one of my Journey

I have always been a heavy girl. I have had times where i have lost a bit of weight here and there, but after becoming comfortable in a relationship and having a baby, I have ballooned. I am at my heaviest weight ever and way past my comfort zone.

I am finally doing something about it. Yesterday i got a gym membership. This morning I went and worked out for an hour. I also weighed myself. Ick! 237 pounds. I am planning on going to a yoga class tomorrow morning. I will keep you updated on how my journey goes.

Thursday, June 3

What do babies dream about?

My girl is so silly. Tonight I laid her down to bed and as I was lying there watching her sleep I noticed that she was smiling. It was the most adorable thing I have ever seen and it made me wonder what she could be dreaming about.

Here are my theories:
  • Mommy Milk
  • Her daddy tickling her feet while he was bathing her
  • Her grandpa's mustache on her face
  • Rasberries aka Zooberz, and
  • Flying like an airplane.
Or maybe it was the Fluff....oh yeah definitely the Fluff.
    Lol. That's what my girly likes.

    Monday, March 29

    Abigail Rose

    So we went in for our normal 39 week appointment on the 26th and Miss Abby had made my blood pressure rise up. So we tested for pre-eclampsia, and decided to induce the next day.

    On Saturday the 27th Dad, Me and Both Grandmas headed in to Sacred Heart for an induction. They checked me when I got there at 4 and I was only dilated to 3, so they decided to start me off with a cervical ripener to help me dilate a bit more. I slept over night with just a few cramps here and there and dilating to 4. At 5 A.M. on the 28th, they came in and started the Pitocin. I got a bit more crampy, but still just rested and spent time with my family, considering there were no real contractions. Then around 9, my doctor came in and checked me. I was still at 4 and she broke my water. That's when it really started.

    About 5 minutes after she broke my water, my contractions started. I didn't really have any time to realize what my labor was gonna be like because the contractions came hard and they came fast. They were coming about 1 minute apart. Whew...they were rough. So after about a half hour I asked for an epidural. The anesthesiologist came in and gave me one, and whew it did not even come close to hurting compared to my contractions. After I got my epidural, the contractions hurt worse than ever. I was screaming my lungs out cause it hurt so bad, so James and the grandmas headed out for some fresh air. I told the nurses that I had some nerve damage in my lower right abdomen during my pregnancy and that I was feeling my contractions in that same spot, so the anesthesiologist came back and gave me another epidural. He was having a hard time getting it in between contractions because they were coming so fast. He finally got it in, and he also gave me an intrathecal for good measure. Finally, all the pain was gone.

    I was really tired, so I tried to lay down and take a nap, but my doctor decided to come in and check me. I remember when she first came in she chided the anesthesiologist for giving me an intrathecal so early in my labor. Then she had me get my legs up in the stirrups. "Whoa there is a baby head" Was the first thing I heard from her. Woo. I was ecstatic. I grabbed my phone and called up my family and called Paige and told her to got there right away. Everyone rushed up and even Paige was there within 10 minutes.

    The rest was cake. I didn't feel a thing. And the best moment of my life was the moment those nurses put that baby up on my tummy and I got to look in to her beautiful eyes.
    Abigail Rose was born at 11:40AM on March 28th, 2010.

    She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I couldn't believe it. I was bawling my eyes out. Daddy was too.

    We immediately all started taking guesses on how much she weighed, just by looking at her we could tell she was big. My doctor thought she was bout 7 3/4 pounds, but we were all surprised when we found out just how big she was.

    We were both very happy and healthy. I couldn't believe how well we had done. Only 2 and a half hours of labor! As soon as we were done I wanted to get up and shower. Unfortunately, my legs were totally numb, so I just sat and visited all my guests. It was lovely.

    We started nursing right away. She was definitely a healthy eater!

      We were very happy. I am very proud. It was a great birth experience.

    Monday, March 15

    Just an update on Our Health

    So Abby is officially due on the 31st, but she is full term now and if I went in to labor right now, she would be a totally healthy and large baby. So I say, "GET OUT!"

    Everything has been going well with our pregnancy. My belly is getting huge, and the doctors expect her to be an average size baby, but she feels like she is gonna be 20 lbs.

    Last week, when we went for our weekly check-up, the doctor found high amounts of protein in my urine. She went ahead and did some blood tests to check for preeclampsia, even though I hadn't had any problems with high blood pressure. I was a bit worried about our health and safety, but also a bit excited because that could mean we could be induced. Our blood tests all came back normal. We're healthy. No induction. I just need  to be drinking more water.

    Anyways, we are doing well, just waiting on Abby to make an appearance. Maybe my next blog will be about her birth. (Crossing our fingers.)

    Project Of The Day

    So, today I went over to my new friend Laura's and decorated some Gdiapers, which I have definitely decided to use. Here's some pictures.

    These are definitely the most adorable diapers ever and practical. Yay!

    Thursday, March 11

    Miss Spoiled's Room After It's all Finished

    I've really been slacking with what's been up with miss Abby. She is so spoiled. I thought I would just put up some updated pictures of her room.
    She has EVERYTHING. Between the things James and I bought for her and the stuff my parents got for her and all the stuff Paige and Laura gave us and the stuff we got from the baby shower, the only thing she needs now is bottles. I just haven't bought them yet. I dunno why, but I just don't want to, and we won't need them right away anyway. Her crib is really beautiful I'm so glad we got that one as opposed to some of the others I have seen. My dad got us that awesome dresser which is totally full of clothes (and those are just the 0-3 month sizes). The closet is packed full of all the bigger ones. She has a ton of stuffed animals in her little net, including her glow worm and Miss Violet that Alec gave to her. I put up my little collection of Porcelains in her room that are basically hers now. She's just spoiled.

    Saturday, January 23

    The Baby's Name

    I realized that I posted pictures of her room with her name on the wall without ever posting about how we chose her name.

    Well, neither one of us can remember exactly when we decided it, but we decided to name her Abigail. Actually Daddy picked the name out. When I first found out I was pregnant I wanted to name her Lily, but Daddy hated that name, and vetoed it. (Who gave him the right to veto? LOL) When he mentioned Abigail to me I kinda thought it was okay, but I told him that I would only call her Abby. He said whatever and on we went.

     In December Miss Abby and I went to the Rose Bowl with the UO Marching Band. We had fun even though I was a bit gimpy and very preggo (more on that later). Although I was 28 weeks preggo and had a sore leg, Abby and I still marched the 6 mile long Rose Parade and performed in both the pregame and half-time shows at the Rose bowl, so I found it only fitting that her middle name be Rose. Daddy doesn't really like it, but I think it fits well and he got to choose her first name, so I chose the middle.

    So Abigail Rose Richardson is definitely her name. It definitely grows on you. I only kinda liked it when we first decided on it, but now she is definitely my little Abby.

    And what's even cooler is that her intials are ARR! like a Pirate.

    Monday, January 18

    Abby's Room

    I have really been slacking with my blogging, and I am super tired right now so I'm really just posting pictures of the baby's room. More blogs are in my head. Hopefully I'll manage to bang them out soon.