Friday, October 30

Yay for new apartments!

I am moving tomorrow and I am so excited. There are so many things that are going to be better at my new place.

I am so not going to miss the flooded parking lot, where I have to try to avoid the puddles in order to not have my pants soaked up to my knees. Nor will I miss the walnut scattered parking lot, that wakes me up at night when people drive over them and they make dents in their cars.

I will not miss the tiny water heater that gets cold before I can finish my shower or the long rainy trek outside, down the stairs and around the corner to do laundry in a moldy old basement.

I will definitely not miss the constant parties or the constant flow of police breaking them up.

Come to think of it, there's not really anything I will miss about this apartment. Yay for moving.

Wednesday, October 21

The Doctor Called Today

She said all my blood work came back normal! Yay. I am growing a healthy baby!

Sunday, October 18

Baby Wearing

Even through all the stress and changes that come when you are about to have a baby, there is always something to be excited about. I am getting really excited for my baby to be here. I am so into the baby wearing thing. Slings and wraps and packs. My baby is going to be like a tumor attached to me. I am so excited.

Paige made me a really cute wrap and she is making James one too. Here's a picture of the one she made me. She tested it out on her daughter. Aren't they adorable? Me and my baby are going to be just as ridiculously cute. Did I mention that I am excited to wear my baby?  I don't think that I am into wearing the baby on my back though. I wanna be able to see and love on my baby and I'm not very flexible. But I LOVE the front carries.

Go to and see more about Babywearing. It's awesome.

Friday, October 16

So today we had our 16 week checkup. The doctor said that everything seemed fine. I got my H1N1 vaccination and got to listen to the baby's heartbeat. The doctor couldn't actually get the heart rate becuase the baby is moving way too much. She could get the heart beat for about 5 or 6 beats and then it was gone and she would have to search around a bit for it. That happened a few times before she just gave up. She said what matters was that it was there and she could at least get it for a second. I guess we have a hyperactive baby. LOL.

We did a blood test today to check for certain types of birth defects. The results will come back sometime next week, but I am not worried about it at all. We've already determined that our baby is ADHD cuz they won't even stay still for 30 seconds. LOL.

Anways, Everything is fine. We scheduled our gender ultrasound. YAY! It's on Thursday NOV 12th. So we get to find out a bit sooner than I thought we would, and that is awesome. I am ready to know now.

Thursday, October 15


Check out this website and tell me what you think. I am pretty interested in this form of diapering. I think in the long run it will be pretty cost efficient and also really good for the environment.

Things I really like about it:
  • They have disposable inserts inside a liner inside the pant, so you can just trash or flush the insert, hand wash the liner and reuse the pant. 
  • You can use cloth inserts when you feel energetic or very green, and they're cost effective
  • It's a bit less laundering than a conventional cloth diaper.
  • 90 days in a landfill vs. 500 yrs in a landfill for conventional disposable diapers
Things I'm not really sure about it:
  • The cost is a bit more than conventional disposables. About $.23 per disposable diaper vs. $.40 per disposable liner. Plus the extra money to get started.
  • I couldn't find anywhere on the website how to determine which size was best for what stage your baby was at. They have sm, m, lg but how do you know what size. I mean you can assume your newborn wears a small, but what if they are bigger than your average little baby. Is there a weight that they recommend to switch to med or lg?
  • Is it going to be something that I can stick with, or is it something that I am going to put a ton of money out to get started with and then just give up on because it is too much work or time consuming?
All right, well check it out and let me know what you think.

Apparently, I'm a Beautiful Pregnant Woman

I have always thought that women looked adorable when they are pregnant. They have "the glow" and are just generally more attractive. I would always go out to stores and see pregnant women and think about how cute they looked. And usually they just looked freakin happy. I totally get the looking happy thing now, but it's not something you can understand until you are pregnant.

Before I was pregnant I always wanted to lose some weight so I could look cute and prego like the other women I saw. I didn't want to just get fatter. I wanted to get prego cute. I wanted to be all cute and skinny with a round tummy and boobs. So, when I got pregnant on accident, before I lost the weight I wanted to lose, I was a bit disappointed. I guess I didn't need to be.

I felt like I was just looking drabbier because I was feeling sick and lazy and cared less about my appearance, but according to the men in my life that isn't the case. About a week ago, my bf took me out to the mall to get my hair done. He said he wanted me to look cute and prego. I got my hair cut into this little A-line and really short, which he doesn't like, but I also got some little highlights, which he loves. I love my hair cut because it is so easy to take care of, so when I am battling fatigue and just don't care, I don't have to look like I don't care. The only effort it requires is running a brush through it when I wake up. After we got home he told me how pretty I looked and took a picture of me with his camera phone.

Then, the other day my dad comes over to deliver some stuff from Cosco to me, and as he is leaving he tells me that I am such a beautiful pregnant woman. I would expect to hear something like that from my dad. He is just like that. He always says things like that to people.

The thing that got me was something that one of my clients said the other day. I was working at the house where I worked weekends for the last 5 months. Since I am working nights in another house, I haven't seen the clients that live there in a while. When I walked in everyone was excited to see me, just because I haven't been around for a while. I had been there for a while and we were just sitting around watching T.V. All the sudden one of the male clients in the house got up and said "all three of you girls are very pretty, and Tabitha is the prettiest." I was working with two other girls at the time and I was really embarrassed. I don't know what prompted him to say that. I wasn't dressed inappropriately and he doesn't usually make comments of that nature to his staff. He's a pretty high functioning client and it just made me feel awkward. I just thanked him for his complent and went to busy myself making dinner. After I got home I was thinking about what he said and I just felt flattered. I don't think I have ever been called the prettiest when compared to other pretty women.

I don't know if I am just looking hotter because I lost 30 lbs early in my pregnancy, or just because I am starting to really look pregnant. Maybe it has to do with that pregnant glow. Apparently, I am a very beautiful pregnant woman.

Wednesday, October 14

My Beautiful Surprise

So, in July I missed my period, which wasn't that unusual for me because I was on birth control and tended to mess it up often. My periods were normally irregular, so I didn't think anything of it, until it was 2 weeks late. I went to the store with my bf and we bought some pregnancy tests. He didn't really say anything about it. In fact, I'm not even sure that he noticed that I put them in the cart for him to buy. I went home and took one and it came back negative. So I just didn't worry about it at all and I went on living.

I still hadn't gotten my period a week later and I felt something nagging at me to take another test so, on July 20th I did. And there it was, the faint little line that said I was having a baby. I was a bit shocked, actually a lot. I was on birth control so I definitely wasn't expecting that one. I called up my best friend and my mom and they were both incredibly excited. I was in shock. I didn't really believe it and I was scared about what my bf's reaction would be.

Since I was so skeptical about the validity of the test results, I headed on down to the clinic to get a test, and it was positive too. There was no denying that I was pregnant. Based on the first day of my last period they said I was 6 weeks along. AHHH!!! I was really pregnant.

I went home and mustered up the courage to tell my bf. His reaction was not the one that I had expected. I think he was just in shock. He didn't really believe me at first. He just kept asking me if I was serious. Hell yes I was serious.

The excitement got to me fast. As soon as I told him and realized that he wasn't mad, I was excited I couldn't wait to put it all over facebook and myspace about how I was going to have a baby! Yay.

That same night I told my dad and stepmom, expecting them to be mad. They weren't. They were mostly just worried about how we would handle it, and over the last few months they have become really excited.

We set up our first prenatal appointment, and because we were on birth control an ultrasound to get an accurate due date. At the ultrasound we found out that we were 2 weeks behind where we thought we were, so we got to see our baby at 8 weeks and it still had a tail. (AWESOME!) So now the due date is March 31 and as of today we are 16 weeks along.

Here's the pics of our baby at 8 weeks.

Monday, October 12

Welcome to My Family

I've been wanting to write for a while, since I have been pregnant. Pregnancy is such a roller coaster ride of emotions and sometimes a bit of venting or gushing about my happiness is a necessity. But a little background is needed before one can make any sense of my ramblings.

I am Tabitha and I am a 20 year old student at the University of Oregon. I love school and I am a Spanish major. I am also a member of the UO Marching Band. I play clarinet in the band, but I love playing so many different instruments. I also work full time as a care provider for people who have developmental disabilities. Some days I love my job and some I hate it. I bet most people feel the same about their job. I have a really busy life, but I am learning to slow down and take some time for my self and my family.

 This is my boyfriend James. He's a pretty great guy. He's not perfect, but he's perfect for me. We do occasionally have our problems, but we always manage to work things out. We have been together since July of 2007 and we are still going strong. James is also a student at the UO. He is a business major and is expecting to graduate this coming up June.

"We" are about to be 16 weeks pregnant on Wednesday and becoming parents is a big adventure for us as it is a first child for us both. We're pretty excited, but still a little scared.

This blog is meant for me to be a way to talk endlessly about myself and my family and not feel like I am bragging or being overwhelmingly self centered. I have the need to express how important we all are.