Saturday, January 23

The Baby's Name

I realized that I posted pictures of her room with her name on the wall without ever posting about how we chose her name.

Well, neither one of us can remember exactly when we decided it, but we decided to name her Abigail. Actually Daddy picked the name out. When I first found out I was pregnant I wanted to name her Lily, but Daddy hated that name, and vetoed it. (Who gave him the right to veto? LOL) When he mentioned Abigail to me I kinda thought it was okay, but I told him that I would only call her Abby. He said whatever and on we went.

 In December Miss Abby and I went to the Rose Bowl with the UO Marching Band. We had fun even though I was a bit gimpy and very preggo (more on that later). Although I was 28 weeks preggo and had a sore leg, Abby and I still marched the 6 mile long Rose Parade and performed in both the pregame and half-time shows at the Rose bowl, so I found it only fitting that her middle name be Rose. Daddy doesn't really like it, but I think it fits well and he got to choose her first name, so I chose the middle.

So Abigail Rose Richardson is definitely her name. It definitely grows on you. I only kinda liked it when we first decided on it, but now she is definitely my little Abby.

And what's even cooler is that her intials are ARR! like a Pirate.

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