Thursday, March 11

Miss Spoiled's Room After It's all Finished

I've really been slacking with what's been up with miss Abby. She is so spoiled. I thought I would just put up some updated pictures of her room.
She has EVERYTHING. Between the things James and I bought for her and the stuff my parents got for her and all the stuff Paige and Laura gave us and the stuff we got from the baby shower, the only thing she needs now is bottles. I just haven't bought them yet. I dunno why, but I just don't want to, and we won't need them right away anyway. Her crib is really beautiful I'm so glad we got that one as opposed to some of the others I have seen. My dad got us that awesome dresser which is totally full of clothes (and those are just the 0-3 month sizes). The closet is packed full of all the bigger ones. She has a ton of stuffed animals in her little net, including her glow worm and Miss Violet that Alec gave to her. I put up my little collection of Porcelains in her room that are basically hers now. She's just spoiled.

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