Monday, March 15

Just an update on Our Health

So Abby is officially due on the 31st, but she is full term now and if I went in to labor right now, she would be a totally healthy and large baby. So I say, "GET OUT!"

Everything has been going well with our pregnancy. My belly is getting huge, and the doctors expect her to be an average size baby, but she feels like she is gonna be 20 lbs.

Last week, when we went for our weekly check-up, the doctor found high amounts of protein in my urine. She went ahead and did some blood tests to check for preeclampsia, even though I hadn't had any problems with high blood pressure. I was a bit worried about our health and safety, but also a bit excited because that could mean we could be induced. Our blood tests all came back normal. We're healthy. No induction. I just need  to be drinking more water.

Anyways, we are doing well, just waiting on Abby to make an appearance. Maybe my next blog will be about her birth. (Crossing our fingers.)

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