Tuesday, December 1

More Babywearing

So my best friend was here from Florida for two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, and it was wonderful to see her. We didn't get to spend a lot of time together because of work, school and other visiting commitments like her family and such, but we did get to talk and I got enough fix from her baby to last me until mine gets here.

My friend is the person who got me in to baby wearing and she made me a wrap so I had to try it out and work on learning some of the wraps.

I practiced first on one of the dolls that someone gave me for my daughter. But that wasn't entertaining enough for me, so I decided to use it on my cat.

Amazingly, she cooperated and she even liked it. I think I need to find a different way to wrap it for her though so that it doesn't spread her little legs. I was thinking more of a nursing wrap. She is so spoiled.

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