Sunday, October 18

Baby Wearing

Even through all the stress and changes that come when you are about to have a baby, there is always something to be excited about. I am getting really excited for my baby to be here. I am so into the baby wearing thing. Slings and wraps and packs. My baby is going to be like a tumor attached to me. I am so excited.

Paige made me a really cute wrap and she is making James one too. Here's a picture of the one she made me. She tested it out on her daughter. Aren't they adorable? Me and my baby are going to be just as ridiculously cute. Did I mention that I am excited to wear my baby?  I don't think that I am into wearing the baby on my back though. I wanna be able to see and love on my baby and I'm not very flexible. But I LOVE the front carries.

Go to and see more about Babywearing. It's awesome.


  1. Oh, you'll get into the back carry! Its not for until they are a bit older, like Mercys age. I'd love to do back carries I just don't have the right wrap for it.

  2. oh, and it is generally better to ask a person before you post their pics on your blogs or websites. You could also mention that I sell the wraps, and link back to my blog. :)

  3. Well it was just you and I said the pic was yours. :P Plus it was already easily accessible on the internet, but I will link to your blog. :P I never even saw the other comments that you said I didn't approve. That is so strange. If they post again and I actually get them I will most likely approve them.