Thursday, October 15

Apparently, I'm a Beautiful Pregnant Woman

I have always thought that women looked adorable when they are pregnant. They have "the glow" and are just generally more attractive. I would always go out to stores and see pregnant women and think about how cute they looked. And usually they just looked freakin happy. I totally get the looking happy thing now, but it's not something you can understand until you are pregnant.

Before I was pregnant I always wanted to lose some weight so I could look cute and prego like the other women I saw. I didn't want to just get fatter. I wanted to get prego cute. I wanted to be all cute and skinny with a round tummy and boobs. So, when I got pregnant on accident, before I lost the weight I wanted to lose, I was a bit disappointed. I guess I didn't need to be.

I felt like I was just looking drabbier because I was feeling sick and lazy and cared less about my appearance, but according to the men in my life that isn't the case. About a week ago, my bf took me out to the mall to get my hair done. He said he wanted me to look cute and prego. I got my hair cut into this little A-line and really short, which he doesn't like, but I also got some little highlights, which he loves. I love my hair cut because it is so easy to take care of, so when I am battling fatigue and just don't care, I don't have to look like I don't care. The only effort it requires is running a brush through it when I wake up. After we got home he told me how pretty I looked and took a picture of me with his camera phone.

Then, the other day my dad comes over to deliver some stuff from Cosco to me, and as he is leaving he tells me that I am such a beautiful pregnant woman. I would expect to hear something like that from my dad. He is just like that. He always says things like that to people.

The thing that got me was something that one of my clients said the other day. I was working at the house where I worked weekends for the last 5 months. Since I am working nights in another house, I haven't seen the clients that live there in a while. When I walked in everyone was excited to see me, just because I haven't been around for a while. I had been there for a while and we were just sitting around watching T.V. All the sudden one of the male clients in the house got up and said "all three of you girls are very pretty, and Tabitha is the prettiest." I was working with two other girls at the time and I was really embarrassed. I don't know what prompted him to say that. I wasn't dressed inappropriately and he doesn't usually make comments of that nature to his staff. He's a pretty high functioning client and it just made me feel awkward. I just thanked him for his complent and went to busy myself making dinner. After I got home I was thinking about what he said and I just felt flattered. I don't think I have ever been called the prettiest when compared to other pretty women.

I don't know if I am just looking hotter because I lost 30 lbs early in my pregnancy, or just because I am starting to really look pregnant. Maybe it has to do with that pregnant glow. Apparently, I am a very beautiful pregnant woman.

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  1. Of course your a beautiful pregnant woman, would daddy lie to you?