Friday, October 16

So today we had our 16 week checkup. The doctor said that everything seemed fine. I got my H1N1 vaccination and got to listen to the baby's heartbeat. The doctor couldn't actually get the heart rate becuase the baby is moving way too much. She could get the heart beat for about 5 or 6 beats and then it was gone and she would have to search around a bit for it. That happened a few times before she just gave up. She said what matters was that it was there and she could at least get it for a second. I guess we have a hyperactive baby. LOL.

We did a blood test today to check for certain types of birth defects. The results will come back sometime next week, but I am not worried about it at all. We've already determined that our baby is ADHD cuz they won't even stay still for 30 seconds. LOL.

Anways, Everything is fine. We scheduled our gender ultrasound. YAY! It's on Thursday NOV 12th. So we get to find out a bit sooner than I thought we would, and that is awesome. I am ready to know now.

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