Thursday, October 15


Check out this website and tell me what you think. I am pretty interested in this form of diapering. I think in the long run it will be pretty cost efficient and also really good for the environment.

Things I really like about it:
  • They have disposable inserts inside a liner inside the pant, so you can just trash or flush the insert, hand wash the liner and reuse the pant. 
  • You can use cloth inserts when you feel energetic or very green, and they're cost effective
  • It's a bit less laundering than a conventional cloth diaper.
  • 90 days in a landfill vs. 500 yrs in a landfill for conventional disposable diapers
Things I'm not really sure about it:
  • The cost is a bit more than conventional disposables. About $.23 per disposable diaper vs. $.40 per disposable liner. Plus the extra money to get started.
  • I couldn't find anywhere on the website how to determine which size was best for what stage your baby was at. They have sm, m, lg but how do you know what size. I mean you can assume your newborn wears a small, but what if they are bigger than your average little baby. Is there a weight that they recommend to switch to med or lg?
  • Is it going to be something that I can stick with, or is it something that I am going to put a ton of money out to get started with and then just give up on because it is too much work or time consuming?
All right, well check it out and let me know what you think.

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  1. You know what I think about gDiapers!

    From their FAQ page:
    "Our little gPants come in 3 sizes:

    Small (8-14lbs/3-7 kg)
    Medium (13-18lbs/5-13 kg)
    Large (26-36lbs - 11-16 kg)

    Our biodegradable gRefills, snap-in liners and reusable gCloth come in 2 sizes:

    Small (for use inside the small little gPants)
    Medium/Large (for use inside the medium or large little gPants) "

    Also, if you order the refills by the case, or from it works out to be around $.30 per insert.

    I also wanted to point out that it doesn't have to be all or nothing. You could do the cloth while you are home, flushie while you are out, or do either during the day and sposie at night. Chris won't do the gdiapers, so when he changes her she is in a sposie, when I do it she is in gdiapers.
    You should do the gdiapers early on though so your boy gets to used to, unlike mine!